Municipal Development Institute (MDI) is the Ukrainian consultant in the field of sustainable municipal and local development. In 2004, MDI was established by Ukrainian engineers, academic professionals, economists, sociologists, environmental specialists - former employees of previous large scale USAID funded development projects.


MDI provides its services through its two wings – Municipal Development Institute, ltd. and All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Municipal Development Institute".


Municipal Development Institute works to respond to current needs of a broad number of stakeholders for obtaining services in the fields of municipal and regional socio-economic development, social assistance, regional and utilities strategic planning, provision of municipal services, energy efficiency, municipal financing, national, regional and local level research and analysis of the identified issues, public outreach, and strengthening of the civil society. Both MDI entities employ the same pool of consultants, thus sharing common expertise.


Since 2004, MDI, as a prime contractor or as a sub-contractor to international consulting companies, contributed to successful implementation of nearly 50 technical assistance donor funded projects in Ukraine.
For the last 12 years, consultants now engaged by MDI for current projects implementation, participated in carrying out diverse technical assistance projects and gained considerable experience in community development in more than 50 cities, towns and villages of Ukraine, as well as Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia region.


Over the years MDI has built large network of local partners. MDI has experience of successful cooperation with national legislative and executive power bodies. At the local level, MDI has partnered with local governments, budgetary institutions, utility companies, new territorial communities, citizen associations, NGOs, sector associations, design organizations, and research institutes.


Furthermore, MDI maintains a well-developed network of contacts with national and international organizations, consultants, research and development institutes and databanks, thus facilitating easy access to an additional resource base, information and expertise.


MDI does well in blending together its own reach experience and institutional capacity with knowledge and skills of its consultants for developing innovative solutions and implementing complex projects and assignments.


We have a proven and successful track record in providing technical assistance for the preparation, management and implementation of major projects and programs.