In July 2018, MDI conducted first three training seminars of the series of nine seminars to be organized for the Heating Company "Kyivteploenergo" during July – December 2018 according to the Training Plan approved by the Company. The training seminars is part of the assistance to the Company from the USAID Municipal Energy Reform in Ukraine Project. The goal of the training seminars is to expand knowledge and to facilitate professional development of the Company's staff.


The first seminar was organized on July 6 and focused on "Key Issues Regarding Formation of Tariffs in the Heating Sector". The goal of the seminar was to familiarize the Company's staff with the requirements to tariff formation as per GOU Decree 869 dated June 1, 2011, and with the future amendments to the Decree.


The seminar focused on:

  • Recent changes in legislation on formation of tariffs in the heating sector.
  • Key requirements to tariff formation as per GOU Decree 869 regarding: supply of heat energy; heat energy losses in networks; fuel and energy, and labor costs, etc.
  • Key requirements to formation of tariffs as per GOU Decree 869 on including profit into heat energy tariffs.

The second training seminar was organized on July 11 and was dedicated to the key changes in legislation on provision of communal services. The participants of the seminar were familiarized with the key provisions of the Law "On Commercial Metering of Heat Energy and Water Supply" and the new Law "On Housing and Communal Services". The seminar in particular focused on:

  • Concepts, goals and interrelation between of the new laws passed during the recent years
  • Key principles and definition of the commercial metering of communal services
  • Key principles about allocation of communal services consumed
  • Specific issues about commercial metering of communal services and allocation of services
  • Terms and procedures regarding installation of meters and commercial metering
  • Financing installation of meters
  • Key principles and provisions of the new Law "On Housing and Communal Services"
  • Enforcement of the Law "On Housing and Communal Services"
  • New list of services and new description of communal services according to the Law
  • Contractual relations in provision of communal services
  • Conclusion and termination of contracts on provision of communal services
  • Reasons for suspended service.

During the third seminar "Socio-psychological aspects of consumer relations" on July 19 the Company's employees focused on the work and relations with consumers because it has a large impact on the Company's image and standing and may destroy it. This is as important as modernization of heating networks and provision of high quality services to population. The idea about the seminar was to help the Company's employees to realize what approaches to choose for having good communication and the effective dialogue with consumers.


The seminar was built around the following:

  • Perceiving information.
  • Speaking customer's language
  • Conflicts during communication
  • Techniques for effective communication with consumers
  • Conflict resolution
  • Telephone communication.

The three seminars were attended by the total of 230 participants.


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The fourth seminar will be conducted in August 2018 and will be dedicated to building the Company's image , work with consumers as a tool for image building, presentations and public speaking, emotional self-regulation in stress.