On May 30, in Lutsk, the final meeting to discuss the results of the Corporate Development Program for Lutsk Heating Company "Lutskteplo" was organized at  Lutskteplo.

MDI developed the following documents for Lutskteplo:

1. Strategy on Alternative Fuels.
2. Report on the Tariff Policy and Investment Program.
3. Public Service Contract.
4. Stakeholder Engagement Plan.
5. Gender Action Plan.
6. Training Plan.
7. Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Program (FOPIP).
8. Corporate Development Plan.
9. Exit Strategy.


The Company will use the Corporate Development Plan to reach the following objectives:

  • getting support from Lutsk City Council during the implementation of some activities planned;
  • explaining and justifying proposals on the use of revenues;
  • disseminating the Company's work plans and needs to the public, consumers, potential investors, and partners;
  • human resources management during the implementation of projects and programs.

MDI also conducted training needs assessment, developed the Training Plan, and conducted trainings on:

  • financial and economic and accounting issues;
  • commercial issues;
  • new laws and regulations governing housing and communal services;
  • technical, organizational, economic issues regarding operation of Individual Heating Substations and use of alternative fuels;
  • socio-psychological issues of consumer relations.

Details about the Project


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