Financing: EBRD jointly with NEFCO and Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P)
Role of Municipal Development Institute, ltd: sub-contractor to DREBERIS, ltd.
Timeframe (for MDI): September 2017 – December 2018



The overall objectives of the Project are (i) to achieve significant energy savings through use of biogas received as a result of sludge digestion process for combined production of electricity and heat; (ii) improve sustainability of the Company operations; (iii) achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; (iv) reduce volume of sludge with corresponding positive effect on the environment; and (v) improve quality of wastewater going through Poland to the Baltic Sea basin. The population of the city of Lviv will benefit from the Project. The Project will also produce a positive long-term impact on the environmental situation in the region. Generated thermal energy will be used for technological purposes at new facilities, as well as for heat and hot water supply. Achieved energy saving will produce an economic benefit that will allow for reducing tariffs for consumers of water supply and sewage services.


The Enterprise will also receive assistance to improve its corporate governance and financial and operational performance, maintain financial ratios and other covenants, and ensure that tariffs are reviewed periodically in order to ensure full cost recovery. A medium- to long-term Corporate Development Plan (CDP) will be developed and the Enterprise will be assisted with the corporate planning process, so it may continue its transition towards an entirely commercial entity.


MDI tasks

  1. Conduct a training in development of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), including a Stakeholder Analysis.
  2. Provide consulting support to the Enterprise to develop SEP and a Communication Plan for smooth communication between the Enterprise and end consumers and between the Enterprise and City Council for development of effective managerial decisions.
  3. Provide assistance to the Enterprise to finalize SEP and Communication Plan.

Events/activities in the framework of corporate development assistance to the Enterprise

  1. Members of the Working Group trained in development of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (19-20.09.2017, Lviv).
  2. Template of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan developed and provided to the Enterprise.
  3. Action Plan on SEP development prepared and deadlines set.