Financing: KfW Development Bank
Implementation timeframe: January 2017 – January 2018
Role of Municipal Development Institute, ltd.: subcontractor to GFA Consulting Group GmbH (Germany)



In the framework of the Project "Municipal Water Infrastructure Project Chernivtsi, Phase 1", MDI provides Consultancy Services under Accompanying Measures.


The purpose of the Accompanying Measures is to support Chernivtsi Water Supply and Sewage Company in managerial, administrative, commercial, financial, operating and maintenance activities of the water supply and sanitation facilities as well as public relation.


The objective of the Accompanying Measures is to complement the rehabilitation and construction works with comprehensive training and coaching measures in order to strengthen managerial and technical capacities within the Company. A tariff system aiming at full cost recovery needs to be prepared, necessary increases of tariffs must be communicated well and in time. The Accompanying Measures for the institutional strengthening of the utility shall include technical assistance, trainings, workshops and on-the-job support.


Much effort will be spent on increasing effectiveness of customer relations and, in particular, conducting a public opinion survey on the quality of services provided by the Company; developing a Communication Plan; conducting an Information and Outreach Campaign on key issues of the Company's operations.



MDI's tasks

  1. Develop the medium-term strategy and a strategic Business Plan, and introduce regular procedures at the Company for the annual update of the Business Plan.
  2. Develop a 5-years Financial Plan, aiming at full cost recovery.
  3. Develop a Tariff Adjustment Plan, considering internationally agreed social affordability limits.
  4. Provide assistance to the Company to improve the commercial operations and customer data base.
  5. Provide assistance to the Company to improve the technical operations and technical data base.
  6. Provide support to the Company to improve customer relations, communication policies and strategies of the utility in the public and in particular to communicate the investment measures. Train focus groups moderators in moderation techniques. Conduct a public opinion survey and present survey findings. Develop the Communication Plan. Conduct the Information and Public Education Campaign on key issues of the Company's operations. Train the Company's staff in effective communication with consumers and in conducting information campaigns.
  7. Conduct trainings and seminars for the Company's staff (including trainings in hydraulic modeling, financial management, communication techniques, public outreach and education).