Financing: Ukrainian Energy Company DTEK
Implementation timeframe: October 2017 – December 2018
Role of All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization Municipal Development Institute: sole implementer
Co-financing: local governments; manufacturers and vendors of energy efficient equipment/materials; international donors
Project geography: Ukraine nationwide

Project website (in Ukrainian)


During the academic year 2017/2018 Municipal Development Institute will continue implementation of the Project "Energy Efficient Schools: New Generation" and will launch its new 5th Wave. The Project will be implemented in Ukraine (nationwide) with financing from the local energy company DTEK. Co-financing by local authorities, producers/vendors of EE materials and equipment, IFO and donors is anticipated.


The objective of the Project is to develop conscientious consumers of housing and communal services, who understand technical and financial problems of service providers and support service providers by consuming services efficiently and paying utility bills on time. The Project also works to develop responsible home owners, energy efficiency leaders and motivated connoisseurs of housing and communal services sector issues.


Among Project tasks is expanding opportunities for stakeholders for effective investments in energy efficiency projects in public and residential buildings and disseminating best practices on energy saving and utilization of new energy efficient technologies, equipment and materials.


The Project's 5th Wave consists of three components: (1) Training Component; (2) Information Component; and (3) Stakeholder Engagement Component.


Under the Training Component, secondary schools all over Ukraine, who are interested in going in with the Project, conduct the training course "Basics of energy supply and energy saving" (students of 6-8 grades) and/or the optional course "ABC of Management of Housing and Communal Services" (students of 9-11 grades).


Under the Information Component, the Project will disseminate information on energy saving and key news/events regarding energy efficiency, and Project events in printed and broadcast media and through social networks. School students of participating schools will be exchanging information and best practices during contests and Project events. The Project will produce educational TV programs and and partner with regional and local channels to broadcast the educational programs.


Project Geography


As of 05.12.2017, the number of participating schools reached 450 (219 cities, towns and villages from 23 Ukrainian oblasts: Vinnytska, Volynska, Dnipropetrovska, Donetska, Zhytomyrska, Zaporizka, Ivano-Frankivska, Kirovohradska, Kyivska, Luhanska, Lvivska, Mykolaivska, Odeska, Poltavska, Rivnenska, Sumska, Ternopilska, Kharkivska, Khersonska, Khmelnytska, Cherkaska, Chernivetska, Chernihivska).


Project advantages:

  • Substantial scale is ensured by innovative distance learning format of training
  • 24/7 free access to the online-platform providing flexibility regarding timing for training
  • Inclusive education friendly
  • Up-to-date information materials; regular updating to reflect recent changes in legislation and national policy
  • Variety of training formats (including the online business game "Smart House") and methodologies
  • Synchronous (real time) observation of the process of students mastering training subjects
  • Agenda consisting of a variety of contests motivating school students to live and act energy efficiently


More than 300 schools participated in four previous waves of the Project. During two-month energy saving contests, schools managed to save 478 000 kWh of electric energy, or over UAH 1.07 million. 125 schools implemented energy saving measures with budgets varying from UAH 10 000 to UAH 180 000. Most of energy efficiency improvements implemented were proposed and detailed by school students based on the results of energy audits of school buildings and premises. During the 4th Wave, families of school children, participants of energy saving contests, invested over UAH 270 000 in energy efficiency improvements at their homes. Annual energy saving was estimated at 114.1 mWh of electric and thermal energy, or UAH 132 000.


The distance learning course under 5th Wave is launched on 15.11.2017.