MDI provides assistance to central power bodies to:


1. Create enabling legal environment by developing draft laws and normative legal acts (including legal drafting as a member of government working groups) on:

  • housing and utility services
  • state regulatory policy
  • social protection for low-income population
  • accounting and taxation in energy sector and in housing and utility services sector
  • development of local self-governance

2. Stimulate energy efficiency in low-income households by developing appropriate programs


3. Develop and implement public outreach and education campaigns (including development of information and promotion materials) on:

  • energy efficiency and energy saving
  • alternative energy sources
  • housing subsidies
  • setting up and operations of condominiums
  • best practices and success stories
  • international practices

4. Assess effectiveness of state programs on:

  • residential energy efficiency
  • social protection for service consumers through provision of subsidies and privileges

5. Conduct analytical studies and sociological surveys on:

  • affordability of services for population
  • paying capacity of population
  • willingness to pay for housing and utility services
  • effectiveness of national programs for support of residential energy efficiency and energy saving
  • effectiveness of reform of subsidies and privileges

6. Capacity building

  • assessment of training needs
  • development of internal procedures and regulations
  • development and implementation of training programs




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