MDI provides assistance to local governments in the following areas:


1. Sustainable local development

  • Assistance with planning, preparing, financing and implementing clean energy projects through development/revision of Municipal Energy Plans (MEPs) and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs);
  • Development of investment programs and Investment Project Inventories in support of the implementation of MEPs and SECAPs, including ranking and analysis of investment projects with PRAIP software application designed by MDI (PRAIP – Program for Ranking and Analysis of Investment Projects);
  • Assistance regarding infrastructure modernization through the development of feasibility studies and Business Plans for attraction of IFI loans and private investments, including under public-private partnership and ESCO arrangements;
  • Conducting research on feasibility of substitution of fossil fuels with alternative energy sources, potential of alternative energy sources by type, logistics and market aspects relative alternative energy sources;
  • Assistance regarding social protection and energy saving incentives for low-income consumers of services through development of special regional and municipal programs, Assistance to implement pilot programs for testing new approaches and methods;
  • Conducting information campaigns for increasing public awareness of substitution of natural gas with alternative fuels, upbringing of effective home owners, energy saving, social protection;
  • Facilitate effectiveness, transparency and accountability of local governments, including through e-governance.


2. Effective housing management

  • Expertise of validity of tariffs for housing and utility services formed by municipal utility companies;
  • Development of the municipal programs for support of setting up and operations of condominiums and co-financing of residential energy efficiency improvements, including on the basis of ESCO;
  • Assistance to Condominium Advisory Centers to prepare documents necessary for setting up and start of operations of condominiums; information materials on energy saving and energy efficiency, and energy efficient technologies and materials.


3. Engineering expertise. Energy saving and substitution of natural gas

  • Conducting of energy audits of residential and public buildings and industrial facilities;
  • Development of feasibility studies and design documents and cost estimates for infrastructure projects;
  • Development of engineering solutions for increasing effectiveness of engineering systems and facilities which generate and transport heat energy and consume heat energy and fuel;
  • Project identification and assessment. Risk assessment for investment in energy efficiency and energy saving projects;
  • Development of engineering solutions on feasibility of transfer to alternative and renewable energy sources and diversification of natural gas supplies.


4. Building capacity of local governments to respond to market challenges


5. Community engagement through public hearings, public forums, focus groups


6. Public outreach and education

  • Development of information and training materials and curricula for training school children and university students and their parents in energy saving, alternative energy sources, energy management, housing and utility services.




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