MDI has the extensive experience regarding research, and analytical and descriptive surveys. The latter include:


National public opinion surveys on:

  • quality and affordability of utility services and energy resources
  • tariff policy
  • housing and utility services sector reform
  • energy saving and use of alternative energy sources
  • effectiveness of social protection of consumers of housing and utility services
  • set up and operations of condominiums


Surveys for providers of utility services, suppliers of energy resources, local governments and communities on:

  • public monitoring of service quality
  • effectiveness of information campaigns
  • public participation
  • assessment of social and economic impact of projects
  • socio-psychological aspects of effective communication with consumers
  • technologies for influencing consumer payment discipline
  • development of the image of service providers and suppliers of energy resources
  • priority projects to be implemented


Research and Studies

  • studies of legal options for service providers
  • studies of legal options for PPPs
  • market studies for use of alternative fuels




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